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Ignite Your 
Local Sales with Instagram®

Ready to create more momentum for your local business with Instagram®?

Join this Masterclass with Love Local founder + CEO, Emily Steele.

What You'll Learn


Why You Need to Focus on Content That's Easy to Share and Packed With Value For Ideal Customers to Come Visit Your Page and Take the Next Step on Your Brand Journey


What It Means to Engage with Your Audience. No More Posting and Ghosting or Copying Competitors. Authentic Engagement Will Help You Turn On the Sales Faucet 


Three Ways to Boost Visibility and Deepen Your Relationship with Quiet Followers, As Well As Your BEST Customers (The Approach is Different Depending On Where They're At On The Journey)

"Working with Emily helped our brand grow 100% over the 
last two years."

- Susanne, MedSpa owner


Do you feel stuck when it comes to growing your local business using Instagram®?

This social media app has been around for ten years and a LOT has changed since the beginning (and even the last two years!). 

From Reels to Guides to IGTV, there is so much you can do, but what should you be doing as a local business owner?

It might feel like Instagram® is a waste of time or won't work for you because of [insert whatever reason you've convinced yourself of], but I'm here to tell you that this is THE social media platform to pay attention to in 2021.

If you're a local business owner (brick + mortar, service provider, event or experience brand, or nonprofit organization), register for this live training so you can see how to *finally* get some momentum on the Gram.


If you resonate with any of the below... you will love this training.
  • You open Instagram and all the sudden feel overwhelmed, "behind," or completely stuck.
  • All the strategies *they* recommend are confusing... what are you actually supposed to do as a local biz owner?
  • You've shown up on the app on and off, but just aren't seeing the results you thought you would get.
  • ​It feels like your competitors and even your friendly local business pals are getting something right, you just haven't nailed it yet.

Hey, I'm Emily Steele.

I have been building local brands and helping hundreds of local business owners over the last decade.

From taking my own digital marketing company from $0 to six figures in three months by working with local companies to building a local networking group from 5 women to 500 in a year, I know how to use Instagram® to generate sales, while becoming a known and loved local brand (a powerful combo).

Our courses and services have helped service providers, nonprofit organizations, retail businesses, and event brands build social media strategies that work in local markets.

Too many local business owners believe they should be on Instagram (they're right!), but they lack the strategy and roadmap to create the success they desire. 

When I realized no one else is teaching local business owners how to do this effectively (!!!), I decided it was time to do this live training. There are hundreds of trainings for online businesses and e-commerce brands, but you're local and some of the levers you can pull are wildly different... and IMO better! I can't wait to teach you.
DISCLAIMER: While these tactics and strategies can absolutely transform your business, it requires WORK and TIME (like anything good in life). If you do not implement these tactics, they won't work. If you're not willing to give tactics a try, please don't waste your time. These resources are for people committed to taking action.
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