A step-by-step online program designed for
local business owners to grow their business. 

We teach you how to build profitable systems, 
an irresistible online presence, and other
Simple strategies that help you become the go-to
local business everyone loves (and talks about!)


This Program Is For You If You Want To...


You want to ditch the #alwayshustlin mode and incorporate some systems and processes for sales growth


You want your customers coming back again and again and then telling all their friends


You want to build an engaged audience online of people who actually engage with your content


You want a go-to plan that focuses on profit-generating tasks versus #allthethings


You believe your local business can make a difference and you're ready to elevate your impact

Have you ever seen super successful local businesses and wonder how on earth they do it?

If you've been in business for a while, it can be really frustrating watching others growing their local businesses quickly (especially those in the same industry) with more success when you know your products or services are better... not to mention, you know you're super smart!

And if you're newer to owning your business, watching others who've been in it for some time can feel pretty intimidating.

You notice other local businesses seem to be "living the dream"... and you cannot put your finger on what it is they're doing that you're not.

You want the results they're getting, but how?
I created Local Business Foundations after finding tremendous success growing my own local brands and helping dozens of local clients create more efficient, irresistible, and profitable companies.

I was tired of seeing local business owners investing their time and energy in the wrong types of marketing services and growth strategies.

Maybe you have invested in expensive local ads (TV, print, billboards) and *hoped* they would do something.

Or perhaps you've been posting daily on Facebook after reading a blog you found on Pinterest, but you only hear crickets.

You were probably told by everyone to "join your Chamber" so you did, but it didn't lead to getting major results and growth in your company (even though the people are great, right?).

None of the above are bad things to do, but what we do know for sure is that there are easier, simpler, waaaaay more cost-effective ways to grow a brand that actually supports your life (and those amazing big dreams of yours)!

We also know that many of your challenges are related to time management, your mindset (this is 100000% important), and productivity. You're stuck working in your business, not on it, which means you almost always feel behind and you have very little time to work on the awesome ideas you have.

So let me ask you...

How would it feel to have a step-by-step system that supports you creating more time to work on profit-driving tasks?

How would your business be different if you had growth strategies that weren't outdated, confusing, or expensive right at your fingertips?

If you could double your business in a few months, what would that mean for you as an individual? Or for your family?
Let's dive in! What exactly will you be learning in Local Business Foundations?

Scroll through all 9 modules to see exactly what you'll be working on in this program.

Brand Building 

Social for Local

Elevate Your 
Personal Brand

Master Your 
Email Marketing

Optimize Your 
Digital Profiles

Easy Website Edits 
to Generate Biz

The "Come Back Again" Method


The Trust 

How The Course Works

  • Two calls per month: Hop on these highly-valuable calls to dive into the specifics you're working through. Submit your very own questions for Emily to answer on these calls.
  • ​Facebook Group Support + Community: Show me what you're working on and I'll give you feedback or get questions answered you have for your own local brand. I'll provide a ton of additional education, prompts, and community to continuing equipping you for life-long success.
  • Self-Paced: I've broken this course down into modules so that you can go at your own pace. If you go through one module a week, you'll be finished in a little over two months! However, I know life happens so you have access forever.
  • Regular Updates: My team is constantly finding new ways to support local business owners. This course will be updated when changes are made on social media or when we have amazing ideas you can implement.

When you enroll in Local Business Foundations, you'll
also receive bonuses valued over $3500.

Local to Legend
($1997 Value)

If you're considering taking your local business outside of your own physical community, this is the framework we use with our Local to Legend high ticket clients where we dive into digital growth strategies.

Increase Your Impact
with Enneagram
($497 Value)

The more you know yourself, the better you can show up for yourself and those around you. This training with Whitney Warne of Unapologetically Extra will leave you feeling more connected to your self.

Collaborations that
Crush It
($497 Value)

Partnering with other local business owners or causes that matter to you will bring your business to a new level. We'll show you how.

Automate and
($497 Value)

Once you get your processes down from our core lessons, it's time to automate. We'll show you key areas where you can do it.

10x With
($147 Value)

We'll show you how Trello can keep you organized on what's most important so you can grow, delegate, and do what you do best every single day.


Now that you know what this course is all about, it's time to determine if it's the right fit for you.

I'm a [insert your own type of] local business. Is this right for me?

This is for any brand in a local market. When we say local, we think about geography. We have nonprofit leaders in the 90-Day Local Launch. We have massage therapists, boutique owners, coffee shop owners, real estate agents, and even individuals in direct sales! If you want everyone in your local community to know who you are, what you do, and who can benefit from it, this is for you!

I want to grow my local business to new cities. Will this course work for me?

You can implement all of these strategies into any community you have a footprint in. Many strategies focus on your presence. If you have a teammate or manager or someone who can physically represent your brand in a specific location, this training is for you!

I love this course and want my manager / teammate to go through it! Can I share my login info?

We sell this course to one individual, but want to make it accessible to more people within your team so you can create another user within your company for just $49. You must have proof that individual is part of your company to get this special rate. Simply send us an email at hello@love-local.co if you want to add a teammate.

Do I only have access for a certain amount of time?

Nope. You're a lifer my friend. We'll be invested in this program forever which means we'll be updating the modules so everything is relevant as digital marketing tools grow and we find more strategies that work for local business owners.

Why Should You Trust Me?

+ I work 1:1 with LOCAL clients using digital strategies that help them 2x, 5x, and 10x their revenue
+ I've grown my own community of women in business in Des Moines, Iowa from 5 to 500 in less than a year using the social media post prompts AND strategies I'm sharing with you
+ I teach an online course and in-person workshops on personal branding that has given HUNDREDS of individuals the confidence to SHOW UP with authenticity and purpose
​+ I am an Iowa native (love those midwest roots!) and a good human who simply wants to see other people thrive on their business journey.

Hi, I'm Emily Steele!

I am a creative and strategic brand builder on a mission to support the local business community. I have built two six-figure companies in less than two years, grew a local membership community from 5 to 500 in one year, and launched a nonprofit cause that has allowed hundreds of individuals to get an education, jobs, and clean water in Ghana.

I love growing brands and solving problems and one of the BIGGEST issues I am seeing right now is the LACK OF SUPPORT for local business owners. 

My mission in business and life is to ensure local economies thrive and that starts with YOU, the owner having the support you need. 

I'm ready to support you, are you ready to dive in?

What My Clients + Customers Say

"Where would I be without Emily?! i’m a visionary and like to live in the future. but Emily brings me back down to earth while giving me the exact steps to take to get where i want to go. it’s been an incredible experience having her as a business coach. she helped me launch my first ever online course that brought in $18k in the first launch. i literally could not have done it without her! having her by my side gave me a confidence that wouldn’t have been there if i was figuring it out on my own."
- Ali L., photographer
"What I love about Emily is that she thinks outside the box, and she has so much experience on different marketing tracks, that her whole brain is like a rolodex of marketing ideas that she just shares and explains. with her help, I'm excited to get started."
- Nora C., real estate agent
"Emily's openness to learn 
and get to know us has helped make our marketing and branding campaign a huge success. she is not a consultant who only does contracted work, 
she is part of our team!"
- Julie F., nonprofit director
"Emily brings a passion to help others and gives 100% in all she does. her marketing/public relations skills have brought our programs to a new level."
- Beth J., business consultant
"Emily has a breadth of knowledge 
and is willing to offer it up generously. it’s been nice to see how her recommendations also lift other businesses up while benefiting my own!” 
- Christina D., personal stylist
"Women who had been silent followers for years, were suddenly coming forward under her direction and opening their hearts by sharing their personal journey with breast cancer and what Komen means to them. That takes so much more than just a general understanding of marketing, that takes a genuine understanding of how to inspire, motivate and mobilize communities." - Jessica N., Susan G. Komen Greater Iowa


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DISCLAIMER: While these tactics and strategies can absolutely transform your business, it requires WORK and TIME (like anything good in life). If you do not implement these tactics, they won't work. If you're not willing to give tactics a try, please don't waste your time. These resources are for people committed to taking action.